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Tri-Star Electronics Recycling provides a full suite of solutions from full-service data destruction, responsible recycling, reverse logistics, and data center decommissioning.

Safe, Secure, Insured

Highest industry standards and best practices

Our Nashville IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service is globally recognized for securely preparing retired IT equipment for resale on the secondary market

Data Destruction Services

Certified Recycling

Reverse Logistics & Asset Recovery

The TSR difference

Though we can serve clients located anywhere in North America, we proudly focus on Middle Tennessee and the surrounding area. From Southern Kentucky to Huntsville, AL, you can depend on TSR for high-quality data destruction and electronic recycling services at very competitive rates.

Our Core Values

Teamwork – We believe in working with our clients to help them understand recycling better, helping our employees to understand best practices in recycling, and our processing partners to make sure as many devices as possible are reused

Sustainability – We believe in sustainable solutions that can be implemented easily thereby reducing cost & environmental footprints while increasing safety & environmental impact in a positive way

Reduce – We believe in repurposing all possible devices that can be used on the secondary market thus reducing the number of new devices manufactured and electronic waste as a whole

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Industries We Serve




SMB & Enterprise

Higher Education

Data security for e-recyclers is a mandatory core competency and Tri-Star Electronics Recycling holds multiple industry certifications; you can be sure your company’s data is destroyed beyond recovery.

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Asset Recovery

Decrease your company's past or future spend.

We manage the entire process of asset recovery from logistics to end-of-life decommissioning. TSR will ensure that all data-contained electronics acquired are securely sanitized or destroyed, any disposal of harmful byproducts are managed in an ecologically-responsible manner by our downstream vendors, and the highest possible return for your assets is achieved.

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Global Impact

11.3 Mil

Disk drives erased, certified and destroyed


Metric tonnes of IT equipment received


Rack systems refurbished

1.72 Mil

Parts recorded and processed