About TSR

Tri-Star Recycling is an industry leader in providing asset recovery services, including e-waste management solutions for enterprises, SMBs, medical and research labs, universities, and K-12 schools worldwide. We are a Nashville-based e-recycling company.

While TSR is headquartered in Nashville, TN (USA), we offer pickups for out-of-state clients. If your company is taking up precious real estate with surplus assets that are inherently exposed to high-risk data breaching, contact us to discuss your company’s particular needs sooner rather than later, no matter where you are located!

Our portfolio spans various industries, such as technology firms, universities, hospitals, construction companies, auto manufacturing plants, government entities, and more. Drop us a line to see how TSR can serve your organization.

We maintain the highest ethical standards to responsibly recycle your company’s surplus electronics and other retired assets. Tri-Star Recycling takes full accountability for our services as stewards of the environment.

Proper e-waste management means ethically recycling technology assets that otherwise cause chronic illnesses and death to exploited communities overseas when managed unsafely, which is devastating yet preventable. Furthermore, those byproducts infiltrate our planet’s ecosystem through water, air, soil and vegetation, it comes back full circle and affects everyone’s health.

At Tri-Star Recycling, we proudly exercise environmental consciousness while taking maximum data security measures to ensure that the e-waste we acquire is safely and securely managed. Schedule a pickup with us today!