What is E-Waste(Electronic Waste)?

E-Waste or Electronic Waste is the byproduct of our rapidly advancing technology.

Mobile phones are manufactured with a built-in obsolescence date making them harder to use after only a couple of years.

Increasingly complicated programs need better and faster computers to run them, quickly rendering the latest and greatest machines to the junk pile in less than 5 years.

Our consumer-driven economy relies on turning out something new annually, whether we need it or not.

All of these factors contribute to an ever-growing amount of devices that must be recycled effectively and properly so we can stop damage to our planet and our lives.

Our mission is zero landfill. Period.

Tri-Star Recycling upholds a zero-landfill mission. All equipment that has been broken down to component level, upon request, can obtain a CoR (Certificate of Recycling). Our downstream vendors share our zero-landfill mission; being R2-certified means we only work with other R2-certified vendors.