Medical Equipment
Asset Disposition (MEAD)

TSR recycles medical equipment to help with asset recovery.

Tri-Star Recycling is an experienced and certified recycling company that can also manage medical equipment asset disposition (MEAD). We work with hospitals, clinics, medical school laboratories and more to ensure that all acquired assets are compliant with HIPAA regulations. Our credentials ensure that your medical assets are securely and responsibly recycled, repurposed and/or remarketed. Here are some reasons to choose TSR for your Medical Equipment recycling needs.

Medical Equipment Disposal

Included in TSR’s services we offer refurbishment and recycling of medical equipment. This disposal meets strict guidelines for destruction of sensitive medical data. Our company is R2 certified, ensuring that we follow DOD protocol and even issue a certificate that these guidelines have been followed.

Data Security is Our Highest Priority

HIPAA regulations have specific requirements for securing data during the recycling process. These requirements include how to wipe their electronic assets’ memory. A single-pass zero wipe meets HIPAA regulations, and this is part of the electronic asset security service TSR offers.

Single pass zero wipe: This required technique for secure data overwrites with pseudorandom data in one single pass. In most cases, a single overwrite of data will make it sufficiently unusable.

Physical Asset Disposal or Recycling

After the data is secured, the next step involves the equipment itself. Your obsolete equipment may be resold or recycled according to R2 certification protocols. TSR asks two questions about each piece of equipment:

  • Does the equipment still work? And does it have value on the secondary market?
  • If not, how can it be physically recycled to meet the client’s needs?

Tri-Star Recycling upholds a zero-landfill mission. All clients receive documentation outlining chain of custody and assurance that all data has been destroyed properly. Our downstream vendors share our zero-landfill mission; being R2-certified means we only work with other R2-certified vendors.