Data Destruction

What is Data Destruction?

Data is the lifeblood of your organization; client data, financial reports, trade secrets. Improper data destruction can potentially cost millions of dollars in litigation, loss of business, and bad press.

We offer a comprehensive line of solutions, including physical shredding and serialized HDD Audit Reporting:

● Data Shredding Capabilities: We offer the physical shredding of hard drives at our Nashville area facility

● Reporting & Documentation: Comprehensive certifications on the destruction of each info bearing device

● Virtual shredding (coming soon): Any clients wishing to physically watch the shredding of their HDD’s will be
able to do so from the comfort of their office or home

Risk Mitigation Protocols

We are committed to providing secure data destruction for our clients by following industry standards and best practices with additional risk mitigation protocols including, but not limited to:

  • Badge in Badge out – Anyone entering or exiting our facility is accounted for in real-time
  • Strict Limited Access and video surveillance of all facilities
  • Background checks and background audits of all employees
  • Cyber Security Insurance and Chain of Custody Documentation
  • Comprehensive HDD Audit Reports and Certificates of Data Destruction

Tri-Star Electronics Recycling is a trusted resource in Nashville and beyond to dispose of sensitive and valuable IT assets. Learn more about our services and how we can serve your business by inquiring online or calling us at (615) 265-8101.


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