Data Security

Data Security: How We Handle Security for Sensitive Data

Tri-Star Recycling’s data security services include data sanitization and destruction.

The highest industry standards back our data security services. All data-contained devices receive a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) that certifies the data has been eradicated or destroyed according to client specifications. We serve even those industries with the strictest standards for data security.

Data Destruction Methods

We apply several types of data destruction to our clients’ inventory. These include:

  • Single pass zero wipe: For some industries, the required technique for secure data overwrite is with pseudorandom data in one single pass. In most cases, a single overwrite of data will make it sufficiently unusable.
  • 3-pass zero wipe: In a 3-pass system, each overwriting pass employs a different technique. In the first pass, the data is written over with 1s. In the second pass, that same data is overwritten again, though this time with zeros. And in a third pass, everything is again overwritten with pseudorandom data.
  • 7-pass zero wipe: This wiping technique follows the 3-pass zero wipe, followed by another 4 (four) passes that are again overwritten with pseudorandom data.


Industries with High Data Security Standards

medical equipment


HIPAA Compliance: Single-pass zero wipe

pos system

Retail, hospitality & enterprise

PCI Compliant: 3-pass zero wipe

deoartment of defense

U.S. department of defense (Dod)

State, city & local government

Federal Compliance: 7-pass zero wipe; DoD Wipe; DoD 5520.22M