ITAD Global Asset Disposition

ITAD: IT Asset Disposition

Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the comprehensive management of retired IT equipment for resale on the secondary market. A wide array of ITAD services including reverse logistics, inventory and asset tag tracking, data destruction, and chain of custody. Our experienced sales team will work to get you top dollar on your retired equipment.

TSR responsibly recycles all unsold End of Life IT assets through verified and regularly audited DSVs (Downstream Vendors).

What Sets TSR Apart

Our ITAD Global division offers a robust array of buyers for your used equipment at competitive prices with a short return window. TSR manages the entire process, ensuring that all data-bearing devices are securely sanitized or destroyed. Any harmful byproducts are managed in an ecologically-responsible manner.

How it works

1. Reaching a deal: TSR works with our client and downstream vendors to reach a deal that satisfies all parties. This includes an agreement on commission and allotted sales time for any remarket items.

2. Chain of Custody: Our logistics team picks up the assets from your location and transports them to our secured facility

3. Asset Processing: Once your assets arrive at the TSR, an inventory will be performed and your items will be separated by class after which time data destruction will begin. Serialized reporting on all data-bearing items is included upon request with wiping to NIST standards or physical shredding is conducted

4. Material Sales: Utilizing a wide array of buyers and vendors, your assets will be sold by our experienced staff

5. Payment is made: Seller receives their agreed-upon return

Tri-Star Electronics Recycling is a trusted resource in Nashville and beyond to dispose of sensitive and valuable IT assets. Learn more about our services and how we can serve your business by inquiring online or calling us at (615) 265-8101.