Cell Phone Recycling

Ready to upgrade your cell phone to the latest version? Before you take a hammer to your old phone and throw it in the trash, seriously consider recycling it to keep your data secure and the phone out of a landfill. At Tri-Star Electronics Recycling, we make it easy!

TSR’s Cell Phone Recycling Service

Our mobile phone recycling starts with addressing data security. These devices are called smartphones for a reason. They store a considerable amount of our personal data, from apparent financial data, such as credit card numbers, to medical data and our daily routines with GPS tracking. This information must be protected, and our secure Data Destruction procedures offer peace of mind that TSR takes its security seriously.

Our recycling process begins once your phone’s data storage is wiped clean. You can have reassurance that Tri-Star Recycling is a responsible recycler. We follow the highest standards for managing and disposing of your electronic equipment, including cell phones. Your phones and data are securely and expertly managed, from picking up your equipment at your office to any end-of-life recycling of its components.

Our mission is zero landfill. Period.

Tri-Star Recycling upholds a zero-landfill mission. All clients receive documentation outlining the chain of custody and assurance that all data has been destroyed properly. Our downstream vendors share our zero-landfill mission.

Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

Understanding the whys of cell phone recycling requires looking at the specific components. Not only does your phone contain the expected plastic and metal, but some of its material is even valuable. Each phone can contain gold, platinum, and copper (up to 15% of its materials). So, specific components can be recycled, and others can be resold or reused in other ways.