Lab Equipment
Disposal & Recycling

TSR recycles laboratory equipment to help with asset recovery.

Tri-Star Recycling specializes in recycling computer equipment, but our services extend to all lab equipment for science laboratories. Our Laboratory Equipment Asset Disposition (LEAD) services include full data security, and we hold industry certifications to ensure all devices are securely sanitized or destroyed.

The importance of recycling lab equipment and other office electronics cannot be exaggerated. Computers and lab equipment, including freezers, microscopes, analytical equipment, and more, contain resources that are reusable and material that can be recycled for other purposes. Pursuing these Tri-Start Recycling services keeps these hazardous materials out of the landfill, which protects your local environment.

TSR’s specific services for office and lab equipment include:

  • Asset pick-up: Though located in the Nashville, TN, area, TSR’s onsite pick-up of assets extends to our out-of-state customers, as well as those nearby.
  • Data Security: Our data security services are backed by the highest of industry standards, such as our R2 certification. According to client specifications, TSR ensures all data-contained devices receive a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) that certifies the data has been eradicated or destroyed.
  • Data Destruction: We offer a comprehensive line of solutions, including physical shredding and serialized HDD Audit Reporting, including data shredding, reporting & documentation, and physical equipment destruction.