Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction Service: Where to shred company hard drives?

There are two approaches to destroying a hard drive: hard drive destruction and hard drive shredding. Yes, the same phrase can mean two different things. Tri-Star Recycling offers both.

Physical Destruction of Hard Drives

The physical shredding of a hard drive can be a messy business, but it can be necessary to destroy data before disposing of an asset. At TSR you can depend on the physical destruction of property with many safeguards in place for your data. Some security measures taken include:

  • Point to point transport to our facility
  • Secure badge-in / badge-out access
  • Strict access limits and video surveillance of facilities
  • Background checks and audits of each employee
  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Coming soon: Watch the destruction of your assets via a live video feed.

In our recycling process, your IT assets are reduced to literal shreds. The raw materials will then be securely recycled through our partner businesses. All partners in the process adhere to equally secure practices to complete the destruction.

Data Shredding

The other “shredding” process applied to your IT assets involved overwriting data to destroy it. TSR is committed to secure handling of your data. We are equipped to meet the needs of multiple sectors, including healthcare, banking, education, and government. Learn more about our data destruction services here.

How to Dispose of Hard Drives

Some companies try to erase the data from storage devices, or they have the room to stockpile and store old devices for long periods of time or they simply throw their obsolete hardware away. In all of these scenarios, the sensitive data on these devices remain at risk to a security breach. Contact Tri-Star Electronics Recycling to discuss the best plan for securing and destroying your hard drives today: online or call (615) 265-8101.