Mail In Recycling by TERRA

With more employees working remotely from home than ever before a unique challenge has been presented. How does an organization recycle its Technology without centralizing it at a corporate location to be picked up? TERRA’s DonewithIT! program provides a simple, secure, and sustainable recycling option. Your employees can mail their IT equipment directly to our facility thus providing your IT staff a simple and effective way to refresh and recycle IT assets without ever having to touch them! We offer competitive rates through our affiliate partnership with TERRA and your items come straight to our facility.

All backend services are applied to your mailed items(Evaluation, Responsible Recycling, Data Destruction) and our ITAD Global program is also available. Regular reporting and documentation also apply and can be emailed directly to your IT Admin for record-keeping and progress reporting.

Remote employees buy a label through the TERRA affiliate link and print their label

The asset(s) are boxed up and the label applied then taken to the Post Office or picked up from their location

The packages are delivered to us

TSR evaluates, destroys the data and remarkets the item

Reports are emailed and returns are sent to the company


If you give, sell or throw away your old devices, your personal data is at risk. Using Done with IT, your devices go directly to a secure facility that meets strict criteria for data destruction. You can be assured of complete data eradication on your returned devices. All hard drives will either be wiped or physically destroyed/shredded and recycled.


List of acceptable items:

  • A/V Equipment
  • Cell Phones/Chargers
  • Desktop Computers & Components
  • Hard Drives
  • Keyboards/Mice
  • Laptops
  • LCD Monitors
  • Network Equipment
  • Tablets/iPads
  • Telecommunications Equipment

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